Home cooked meals every day

because every Syrian plate has a story to tell.

 A home away from home

Creating little Syria at the corner of Yonge and Manor Road, Midtown Toronto.

Through our food, art, music nights and the stories we tell, we have created a home away from home in the new home. At Zezafoun Syrian Cuisine, we welcome everyone as a guest to our house, and we share mom’s food and the stories behind it. Chef Yolla shares the love through the various home-cooked dishes she makes, and it is all made fresh with love.

Hummous with Pita Bread


We are happy to be part of your special event and cater to your needs. Please contact us for the catering menu or a tailored menu for your event.

The Story


"We wanted to share mama's delicious food and share the beautiful Syrian culture with all the people in Toronto and beyond. Welcome to our little Syria!"

_ Marcelle Aleid, Co-Founder

In the past, the Syrian women used to create new dishes using seasonal vegetables and fresh ingredients to add fantastic taste and colour to their families' daily meals. Therefore a lot of the main Syrian dishes were created to taste and look fabulous at the same time. In 2018 Marcelle and her mother, Yolla, started Zezafoun as a cozy family restaurant to promote the Syrian food's delicious taste.


Oh, one more thing... Every dish we have has a story to tell!


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